The ecological formula of the detergent is enclosed in a small, light leaf, which is biodegradable and fully soluble in water. SOYECO washing sheets are perfect for both washing in a washing machine and hand washing. They can be used for white, black and colored clothes. Their dosing is extremely simple and convenient, and the risk of measuring the wrong amount of detergent is negligible. Always use exactly the amount of detergent needed - depending on the size of the load, the degree of soiling, or the water hardness level. What's more, when doing a little laundry or hand washing, the leaf can be torn into small pieces. Finally, we can safely wash our clothes without the need to buy liquids, which leave large plastic bottles, which then lie in the seas and oceans.


  • Super light & comfortable

  • Safe formula

  • Biodegradable

  • Dissolve well in both warm and cold water

  • With glycerine

  • Convenient dosing

  • Packed in a biodegradable paper box

  • Efficient and easy to use