About Us

Twinpol is a Polish manufacturer of cleaning and disinfecting agents. We have more than 15 years of experience.

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About Us

The Twinpol company has been on the market for many years, we specialize in the production of cleaning agents and disinfectants for other brands (so-called OEM&ODM).

We manufacture washing liquids, wet cleaning wipes, cleaning agents for kitchens, bathrooms, household appliances, computers, TVs, LCD screens, etc. The full range of our products can be found in the products section. We focus on manufacturing for other brands and have experience in cooperation with many clients. We were able to establish strong and productive cooperation with all kinds of companies, from small brands to international corporations. We believe in creating long-lasting and prosperous partnerships with our clients. Since the beginning, we have put great effort into the quality of our products and service.

We invite everyone to cooperate.


Our company believes in taking care of our planets for us and future generations.

We provide our customers with eco-friendly solutions that have a minimized environmental impact. We constantly put effort into developing new ecological formulas that will increase the range of our eco products. Our products can be manufactured using biodegradable components that will not litter our planet. When possible intent to use resources that are locally acquired to support the local community and reduce the fossil fuels used in the transport.

The production process at our firm is constantly being improved to minimize the amount of garbage that it generates. The production, storage, and offices are fully powered by solar panels that are installed on the roof of our factory. By this, we minimize the electricity that is used from the grid that comes from burning fossil fuels and increases air pollution. We have made multiple more improvements to our facilities that make us a more eco-friendly company that constantly reduces its environmental impact.


There is a constant demand to improve the quality of existing products and develop new ones, that’s why we have on the premises of our manufacturing plant a fully equipped laboratory.

We have a team of fully certified and experienced chemists that work on developing new formulas to improve the functioning of our existing products. We put effort into developing new products using various chemical components. As well we have established a long-lasting partnership with the Faculty of Chemistry at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. We consult our ideas and products with them and together we can achieve the best result for our clients.

All our products before getting on to the market are being tested by our quality control team. They use a wide range of testing techniques that simulate everyday use to make sure our products will be up to the necessary standards.


Our production process is continually being improved, we import new machines that allow us to constantly better our machine park. This is necessary in order to produce new products that need different production lines.

The other demand for new machines is due to the high demand for products that we already produce but we have to increase the production output. Our team of engineers works continuously on improving the production lines and keeping them in good conditions.

We have to perform every day and periodical services in order to prevent any unwanted failures that will cause an unwanted pause in the production. Having a modern machine park allows us to minimize the waste that is the by-product of the production process, by doing that we reduce the environmental impact of our firm. While choosing the new machines we look for the most efficient, eco-friendly, and best-performing machines that will be able to produce products of the highest quality standards.


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