Products designed and manufactured for your brand

We specialize in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer). We can produce a product that is designed by your company or we can help to develop your product and then manufacture it for you.


We have a range of already existing and proven formulas that we use in our products. However, we are able to develop and test new ones that suit the demand of our customers. We can use the ingredients that are available on the market or the ones provided by our clients. Our production lines are adjustable to a variety of different types of ingredients and chemicals. We have the option of adding fragrances to formulas.


We can use different types of containers and packaging that are required by our customers. We have usual containers and packing that we work with however we can adapt our production lines to the demanded containers if required so. Not only the shape and size but as well the material and color can be selected.


We can use the label created by your company or with the help of our staff we can create a professional label for your product. At our premises, we have a label printer that allows us for fast and easy printing of a small and big number of labels. Custom labeling allows making a fully customizable product that suits the demands of our clients.


We offer different packaging options from small boxes, pallets to containers. We have long-lasting cooperation with different couriers and shipment companies that provide us the highest quality service and make sure our products are delivered on time and safely. All the options can be discussed and agreed on to provide the best solution and full satisfaction for our clients.

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